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Her critical eyes grab titles of books
squeezed side by side, stacked, and sloped,
Some brightly crisp, others gone old
about rocks and skulls, forest trails,
god, how-to’s, blooms, memoirs, short
poems—papered patchwork of printed thoughts.
Tonight they’ll vanish in taped-up boxes, a thought
laced tight with shimmering nerves, her life a raw book
of change and new chances, short
loves and long losses, slow trudges, fast slopes.
Her eyes graze the floor at tentacled trails,
crates and bags filled with things not yet old,
bridging today’s life with the one still unknown. Old
fears hum low beneath quick thoughts
bright as birds. A glance at the clock—enough time for the trail—
she grabs camera and notebook
and bursts out the door. Memorized strides pull her upslope
among gray boulders, tall grasses, short
shadows, high sun. Long stem bends beneath ladybug’s weight, short-
fringed barbs on fast-moving feet, old
instinct its beacon toward south-facing slope,
no need for thoughts
or time-worn books
to explain life’s purpose or web-tangled trails.
Camera lens catches white margin of wing trailing
beneath bug’s red shiny coat shortly
before its whirring wings fly, a journey booked
ages ago for primitive old
needs, the same thoughts
prompting the woman to leave, as late summer hastens its slope
into fall. She leans against an oak’s sloping
trunk, hard furrowed trunk pressing trails
in her back. Warm fingered breeze softens her thoughts,
she knows her next home, another short
phase, will answer old
questions to book-
mark her life, still coming up short, planted with thoughts
many discarded in slopes and troughs, a trail
of jobs bookending her moves, yet the rivering theme fragrant and full.

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2 responses to “Turning

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  1. This may be my most favorite yet! Jill– I love this! All the images, thoughts as whispers, cycles with trails… it’s exquisite! And touching… thanks for sharing! 🙂

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