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Open House   2 comments


Guests of all magnitudes know they’re welcome in this unshuttered home–

dust motes and moon-rays, snakes, bats, and midnight moths.

Seasoned scents of river grass and smoke never need knock on the unhinged door

before drifting among dry summer nests hidden in walls, crumpled on floors.

Crackling sun, ponderous snow and wild torrents of wind bring this old place,

year after year, closer to original grace, to center of our rocky jewel,

merged and at one with this lovely World.

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Gathering of the Elders   2 comments


Flinty old-timers arrange themselves into

Fringed frame of pungent needles, then

Swapping their usual rock-strewn stories

Their old sloped shoulders and crooked peaks slide

Haltingly from view


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