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A serious spattering of wildfires has singed a loose comma around our community, good fortune and high ridges holding us safe for now. Yet fire has taken residence in our news and uncertainties; heavy smoke fills the mountain valleys, concealing nearby slopes and peaks. And we know that this infectious arrhythmia in the stunning heart of Idaho is but a smidgen of a bigger story:  the West has been over-punctuated by scorching flames for weeks—the ending’s not yet in sight.


Views like this one are commonplace wherever wildfires exhale their ashy haze. The caption depends on the beholder: Glowing Ornament . . .Eerie Orb . . . or Ojo del Diablo?


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4 responses to “Presence

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  1. We have been under a cover of smoke here in Oregon, too. It makes for gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, but at great expense to the forest.

  2. Well articulated… it’s sobering indeed… you living it, and me watching it on the news…. some really grim ones… I like your last comment, too… good pix, too…

  3. (It’s daunting to me… just saw a program on politics of power, all about climate change and renewable and nonrenewable energies… kept thinking about your blog. Thanks for bringing this to a personal perspective, as well… moments in time.

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