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At the threshold of a new summer job—my lucky strand of old dreams rivering into a yet-unsculpted future!  I will work in Idaho’s Sawtooth National Recreation Area, among wildflowers, thunderstorms, and ragged peaks reminiscent of summers past in my beloved Rocky Mountains . . .

Magpies ushered me across the Oregon border a few days ago, and, finally, my ever-looping thoughts loosened, loosened, and let go. Long hours of driving, past buttes and bluffs, through sagebrush flatlands and mountain passes provided the perfect transition from where I’ve been to where I’ll be.


Road weary, I stopped at a wet spot fringed by thickets and spongy ground. Vibrant sounds of keening killdeer and churring blackbirds reminded me what it means to See and Be Seen. 


And when I reached my destination on the outskirts of Stanley, I gladly belly flopped on warm, prickly grass and received a earthy full-body hug, along with this view of an old-timey zigzagging fence mimicking its toothy snow-whitened friends: the Sawtooths. Already, I feel very much at home.



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  1. How wonderful– I could actually feel your travels, smell the sagebrush, feel the prickly grass, hear the birds… I’m delighted you feel so at home already! Beautiful pix! 🙂

    • You know, leaving the Cascades behind felt a little bittersweet, but the Sawtooths have given me a very warm welcome. I’m glad you liked this post, Katey! ~Jill

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