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Death Valley’s dunes offer countless stories imprinted on the sand. When I saw these criss-crossing insect trails, it made me think how my own path continually and invisibly crosses paths with others’. And even though our “shared” moments may be separated by minutes, centuries, or even millennia, my life is sweetened by the art, music, intellect, whimsy, and depth of those folks whose past quests keep intersecting with my questions. So I dedicate this photo to Mozart, Emerson, the ancient Egyptians, Michelangelo, my ancestors, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Black Elk, the Buddha, ponderosa pine, the Metolius River, and many more . . . . to each and all, I thank you!


Two paths ascending
Leaving wakes in sea of sand,
A chance resonance


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2 responses to “Passers-by

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  1. Jill, your beautiful thoughts and images just sweetened my life!

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