Anticipating Spring   4 comments

Winter has been unseasonably dry here in Western Oregon; puddles that would normally be spangled with raindrops wait on sidewalks in tranquil stillness. Human residents aren’t complaining, but frogs and salamanders might be wishing for more water-drenched habitat. There’s a strong sense of spring in the atmosphere, and I can hardly wait for our first wildflowers!

Old bridge green with moss

Leafless limbs tangled in sky

Meet in reflection


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4 responses to “Anticipating Spring

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  1. Love the photo and what you did with it, particularly the third line. Wonderful. Be well~

  2. There is so much beauty in your photos and gentle reflections… so in the moment. One of my favorites today (I keep discovering on your pages) is the photo with the puddle that has the tree reflection in contrast… quite the photographer’s eye on that! Anyway, I keep finding more to explore and will keep enjoying these, Jill!

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