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It is said that one of humankind’s most basic needs is to feel acknowledged, to know that we truly matter in the world.  According to Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist teacher, each of us could change the world by simply (and genuinely) stating the following mantra to our friends and loved ones: “Dear One, I know you are here, and it makes me very happy”.

Yesterday—a tender day in our household—was the one-year anniversary marking the death of our furry & best friend Morgan, who lived by that mantra from puppy-hood through her elder years.  Her wagging tail and bounding body made it known to us that we were her favorite companions on the planet, whether for Frisbee games or for countless investigative walks along the forest trail.  Morgan was a border collie of the gentle persuasion, tending towards timidity and caution, but even so, intense in her desire to “work”:  fetching soggy tennis balls any- and everywhere, and leading us on hikes, never letting any of her human herd stray too far behind. Morgan’s unhidden, unconditional acceptance of “her people” day after day for over 14 years filled our hearts and fed our souls.  And she managed to transform our lives without a particle of pride or expanded ego; she simply lived thoroughly in the moment and absorbed us completely into her doggie heart.  For all of those moments she lived so well, we will remember and treasure her forever. Cheers, Morgan! May your days be filled with rawhide bones, sandy beaches, grassy hillsides, and, of course, our remembered spirits tossing Frisbees to the far reaches of heaven’s horizons.

We will miss you always.



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