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A couple of months ago, I decided to focus on a specific color in the forest so I could play with it in first person. Fall had passed, spring was still dormant, so I selected the often-ignored “drab green” as my subject.  Suddenly this little color grew in stature and value.  Please join me in welcoming this muted and under-appreciated hue of the artist’s palette to the first annual Color Reunion:


Hello, everyone. I’m dull olive green, the drab and dreary color you all voted “most likely NOT to succeed” when we graduated from the color wheel. Remember me?

Right after we all sprang from the wheel, I headed out of town and aimed straight for the forest floor, where—and I’m not bragging here—I became the color of the day!

Salamanders and slugs, pond turtles and frogs, lichens and toadstools all lined up to meet me: they couldn’t wait to display my murky hue.


In fact, I’ve been named the Pigment of Protection because my carefully crafted blend captures the very essence of camouflage. Over the years, I’ve magically become a ubiquitous un-color, the antithesis of the rest of you, my friends.

Before I leave to touch up the feathers of a nesting mallard hen, I just wanted you to know that, even though I won’t attend another reunion, I’m pretty sure you’ll see me again.  For I’ll probably serve as your usher to the next world, accompanied by my colleagues, Mildew, Mold, Death and Decay. It’s a profession that captures my soul in a profound and meaningful way.

I hope you continue to enjoy your glow and brilliance, whether you’ve been chosen to decorate vibrant spring flowers, best-selling book jackets, or the flash of fall foliage.  As you’ve guessed, your bold pigments will ironically yield to my quiet ones as you merge from this world to the next. We’ll catch up while you dissolve into the soil next time we meet. Until then!


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