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Death Valley National Park became my home from July through September last year, the most sizzling and stark 12 weeks I’ve ever experienced. The stunning thrust-faults, expansive alluvial fans, huge sky, relentless sun, and hardy plants and wildlife are forever seared into my memory.  On my days off from national park duties, I visited trails and towns to become better acquainted with my desert neighborhood.  Following is a verse that captures the feel of several towns I befriended during the summer of 2012 .


Bitter Gulch Junction
A town
Flattened and dried by pounding sun,
Its thready pulse and dull-skinned face
smudging the crossroads where two highways meet
Dirt-colored horses bite brittle grass
in the shade of the old Café,
whose broken blinds blink toward
sharp-slanted hills, radiant yellows banded with brown,
hatching ponderously from
cracked desert ground
Museum’s fresh white coat gives folks
small blush of hope, while spinning leaves
scratch soft sighs along unnamed streets,
just whispered melodies,
in this once-jangling, once-booming town
where gold and music no longer meet

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