Beyond the Reach of Time   Leave a comment


transported by the
chilling light  . . .  indigo trees
and lavender snow


Finding Your Way   2 comments

Snow trees in Forest Dell

between the lines
a mid-winter message of
snow and sunlight

Breath of Winter   Leave a comment

Floating above
snowy boughs, the lonely notes
of a forest thrush


Afternoon snow




New Morning   3 comments

carving peace
into the landscape

Autumn Steps   6 comments


moss softening
autumn steps
into December


Goose Music   Leave a comment

Filling the corners

Of untouched blue, surges of

Song and wingbeats

Canada Geese, Finley Refuge

Finley National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon

November Moon   8 comments


Oak branch and moon

gnarled limbs
losing leaves like memories
longing for the moon

Creating Grace   4 comments

undaunted, turning
with the seasons — holding space
and spinning light

Eleventh Month   11 comments

Big-leaf maple

The weight of life
Two crows gossiping above
Stillness of a leaf

Great Circle   4 comments

Mushrooms on forest floor

Bridging gaps between
lost and found, a scattering
of forest moons