Like Butterflies   Leave a comment


Prayers gracing the
weathered barn, like butterflies
kissing their shadows


Among the Oregon Brambles   2 comments


blossoms and birdsongs
hanging in the air
chandeliers and chimes

Blue and Silver   2 comments

A flowering
of clouds from sky to sand
and back again


Catkin Crossing   2 comments

Caterpillar and catkins

Skyful of swallows
Acres of breezy willows
One caterpillar

Silhouette in Song   3 comments

 From the old ash tree
like joy boiling over
shining gusts of song

Living on the Threshold   10 comments

Ladybug on OSU campus

first ladybug
holding onto the
first edge of spring

almost spring / Oregon coast   9 comments

gull, sky, and bluff
Sea-bluff and seagull
Between uplift and down-flow
Slicing the moment

Earth Prayer   3 comments

Winter Rainbow

All the colors
in a single bow
to the Earth

Sea Clouds   2 comments

sky and sea


clouds —
a brush of ripples across
the whole wide sky


Light-catchers   2 comments

A thousand pearls
hanging by a breath ~ light
between storms