first snow queens / february forest   8 comments

winter blossoms
in the seven directions
showing us the way


Oregon Dusk   4 comments


old neighborhood oak
purple winter sky dreaming
of a new day

Remember   4 comments



Each moment
A perfect snowflake

Forest Dell / First Snowfall   6 comments


Leaning in,
listening to the snow

Enchantment   2 comments

Under heavy clouds
Snowfall spins its magic
In the melting night

Spirit Journey   Leave a comment


Edge of two worlds
Feather-light glances before
Winging away

alder catkins/on this day   Leave a comment



yellow streamers
breaking through the colossal
debris of winter


Winter Solace   4 comments


 Rooted strong and deep
Leaning into boundless sky
Glad for winter light

Strands of Light   2 comments

January spider web

Storm after storm

the plucky spider rebuilds

hammock and home

Renewal   Leave a comment



In the midst
of the old, making ready
for the new