Meet Me on the Green   Leave a comment

Fitton Green


Generous drape of

clouds, ample reach of a tree

where the iris blooms


Wild iris

In the Pocket Garden   6 comments

Azalea in May.jpg

Never still
Young wind leafing through
Purple petals

Fringe Cups   2 comments

Beneath old stories
of time-worn firs, delicate
arcs of springtime

At the Heart of Spring   4 comments


Bright spring sun, the old
tree holding soil holding these
tulips holding me

and I sit with them   4 comments


April fawn lilies

in their one whole voice
the flowers are speaking,
learning the land

Sunday Morning   2 comments


cherry blossoms


Soccer practice, no
one watching but cherry trees,
their arms filled with stars



rising, falling   2 comments

Spring seascape


our lives, 
waves written like a poem 
on white water


Spring in the Willamette Valley   6 comments


Around the mountain
Spring light pours down
White, green, and blue


A Robin, Watching   6 comments

on a thin green limb
perched between songs
and silence

here on the hillside   4 comments

Sky over Baskett Slough 2


from the curving trail
a meadowlark sings
and I reach the clouds